kubeadm upgrade node failing with "failed to get config map: Unauthorized"

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Are you getting below errors when running: kubeadm upgrade node

[upgrade] Reading configuration from the cluster...
[upgrade] FYI: You can look at this config file with 'kubectl -n kube-system get cm kubeadm-config -o yaml'
unable to fetch the kubeadm-config ConfigMap: failed to get config map: Unauthorized
To see the stack trace of this error execute with --v=5 or higher

Chances are that the kubelet certificate is expired and can not be used to upgrade the node. A strace of that command reveals it does not really use the current users config but the file /etc/kubernetes/kubelet.conf. That file does in turn point to the key and cert to be used. In my installation both cert and key refered to /var/lib/kubelet/pki/kubelet-client-current.pem as follows:

client-certificate: /var/lib/kubelet/pki/kubelet-client-current.pem
client-key: /var/lib/kubelet/pki/kubelet-client-current.pem

That file is in turn a symlink to the real file, in my case was /var/lib/kubelet/pki/kubelet-client-2020-06-04-18-38-46.pem - which for some reason was not updated recently.

You need to create an updated cert/key file there and change /var/lib/kubelet/pki/kubelet-client-current.pem to this new file instead. 

Problem solved.